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“Never heard of him!” exclaimed Montague. “Why, he has been at the house a dozen times, and he knew father and Cousin Lee and Judge Dupree and everyone.”

But Mrs. Montague only shook her head. “He may have been at the house,” she said, “but I am sure that I was never introduced to him.”

Montague thought that it was strange, but he would never have given further thought to the matter, had it not been for something which occurred the next morning. He went to the office rather early, on account of important work which he had to get ready. He was the first to arrive, and he found the scrub-woman who cleaned the office just taking her departure.

It had never occurred to Montague before that such a person existed; and he turned in some surprise when she spoke to him.

“I beg pardon, sir,” she said. “But there is something I have to tell you.”

“What is it?” said he.

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“There is someone trying to find out about you,” said the woman.

“What do you mean?” he asked, in perplexity.

“Begging your pardon, sir,” said the woman, “but there was a man came here this morning, very early, and he offered me money, sir, and he wanted me to save him all the papers that I took out of your scrap basket, sir.”

Montague caught his breath. “Papers out of my scrap basket!” he gasped.

“Yes, sir,” said the woman. “It is done now and then, sir,—we learn of such things, you know. And we are poor women,—they don't pay us very well. But you are a gentleman, sir, and I told him I would have nothing to do with it.”

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“What sort of a looking man was he?” Montague demanded.

“He was a dark chap, sir,” said the other, “a sort of Jew like. He will maybe come back again.”

Montague took out his purse and gave the woman a bill; and she stammered her thanks and went off with her pail and broom.

He shut the door and went and sat down at his desk, and stared in front of him, gasping, “My God!”

Then suddenly he struck his knee with an exclamation of rage. “I told him everything that I knew! Everything! He hardly had to ask me a question!”

But then again, wonder drowned every other emotion in him. “What in the world can he have wanted to know? And who sent him? What can it mean?”