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“R-Really. Y-You’re right…”

“Hey, what’s wrong, senpai? You’re not high enough! Don’t you feel excited!”

“I…I’m excited, uh…”

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W-What’s wrong? Konoha-san is so high right now. Her suggestion is super correct, and it matched with my knowledge as well, …but it feels really out of place. However, it’s not like I can just say it.

Well, all I can do for now is to give a vague smile. Konoha-san is laughing stiffly as well.


“Well, it’s time for us to get moving again.”

Uehara-kun noticed everyone’s finished with their game, so he lead the discussion. After we responded, we put back our phones and started walking.

After a short walk, …for some reason, I looked back and glanced at the two people that are far behind the group.

(…Konoha-san and Chiaki are holding each other’s phones and whispering over something….)

The sisters are surely close. I feel like Kousei doesn’t like me very much, so I can do nothing aside from getting envious.

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-In the end, a couple of incidents like that happened afterward.

Even when I’m speaking to Konoha-san excitingly about the characters and items, I don’t get the expected reaction from her. Just as I’m feeling regretful, she’ll continue the discussion a minute later very energetically. I’m quite fed up with it. This situation repeated again and again.