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Recently, WeChat introduces a platform for making money on the Internet.

The details were still not as good as they could be? They had more or less caught up with most other domestic cell phone manufacturers; how was that still not good enough?

However, Chang You did not dare to question Boss Pei any further and had no choice but to take the cell phone quietly. He planned to go back to self-reflect.

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He still had not managed to push the system’s research and development work to the next stage this time.

Although the final version of the cell phone was becoming clearer, Chang You felt that he was drifting further from his own expectations.

In the afternoon…

As usual, Pei Qian took an afternoon nap, caught up on some shows, and looked up to discover that it was already past 3 PM.

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Although it was still early, there was nothing much left to do in the office.

All the projects were underway. Now that Chang You had presented the prototype and software to Boss Pei this morning, Boss Pei guessed that nobody would come to demonstrate anything else to him for now. Thus, there was nothing much left for him to do.

“Should I… go back to school to study? The exam week is right around the corner. Revision aside, I haven’t even borrowed others’ notes yet.

“Hmm, I should find some time to ask Ma Yang to photocopy his notes for me.”

Pei Qian switched his computer off. It was time to get off work!

He would go back to school to find a room where he could self-study. Perhaps he would be able to fill up the gap that he had been filling in his life recently.

As he walked out of the office, Pei Qian saw everyone staring at their screens intently as if they had been hard at work.

As for whether they had really been hard at work or not… Pei Qian could not tell.

He could only say that he was not good at being a boss; he had never been able to see his employees for who they truly were.

Tang Yishu had just finished tending to Glabella. At that moment, she was reading and studying quietly at her desk.