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“No, you’re... a couple yet 10 years apart in age...”

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Well, it may not be uncommon for a couple to have such difference in age, but it’s amazing that a teen is in love with someone ten years older than them.

Sadiz and I have a four-year age difference.... we didn’t go out though! I couldn’t go steady with her like that!

“Eh?! Eh, eh!? Eh?! Is, is that right? Eh!? Is, is that how it looks like to you!?”

And, Elder Sis Tsukshi suddenly blushed bright red and got flustered.

Hmm? That? Is it different, “not yet”?

“Hahaha, no, young man. Like Amae and Karui, Tsukshi has been around since she was very young, she’s like a daughter and a younger sister to me.”

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Ah, Elder Sis Tsukshi groaned “Zuun” as she got blatantly depressed with a heavy thump in the air, at the words Mr. Machio said with a refreshing smile.

And the people in the dojo and from the town smiled wryly.

Ah, I see. That’s the way it is.

In other words, Mr. Machio’s line was correct in a sense, but the remark was too cruel... Moreover, the person himself has zero malice. Didn’t you notice?

Looking back, I didn’t want to be treated as a kid brother by Sadiz, either...

“...... hmm...... I get it.””

“Haha, right.”

“...... Ha~, is this how the men of this country are? Do you have hearing loss or are you insensitive to the human mind?”

“...... Huh? What do you mean?”

What do you know about a person’s feelings if you can’t notice the feelings of a woman with such a blatant attitude?