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As soon as he guessed Leia’s intentions, he bowed his head respectfully.

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「There were two directors who strongly demanded Allen’s expulsion… According to Ferris, they had even given bribes.」

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「My goodness…」

No.18, who heard of the bribe for the first time, raised the alertness of this case.

「There’s a good chance that they might send assassins. If a suspicious guy approaches Allen, crush him immediately. Yours is a little dangerous, but… this time, I’ll allow the use of your soul dress.」


As he was ordered with a new task, he asked something that concerned him.

「…But, will it be alright?」

「Will what be alright?」

「If I leave here, it will impede the current work…」

「……I will specially allow for the documents to be taken out. Carry on with work whilst keeping an eye on Allen.」


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No.18 was imposed with the challenge of shouldering the director’s duties alongside Allen’s bodyguard duty, but reluctantly accepted it.

「By the way, Leia-sama, can I ask something?」