Can I sell fast food online?

Can I sell fast food online?

"I spot him heading back quite often. Either way, it'll be problematic if he leaves the school building. First of all, we should head to the entrance".

Saying that, we headed towards the entrance.

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If his shoes are still there then it would mean he's still inside the school building, and in that case we'll be able to buy time.

To not fall behind, we kept up our pace.

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"Something serious like actual conflict might break out".

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Sudou said that to Horikita while clenching his fist.

"Quit your joking. Mass violence between Class D and Class C is no laughing matter. More importantly, why did you follow me?".

"Isn't it obvious? Because I'm worried about Suzune. I've heard rumors that Ryuuen will attack even women".

"I'm not so fragile so as to need your protection".

"Don't say that".

Horikita did not change her bullish stance of being able to protect herself. Since she's proficient at martial arts, she doesn't need a man. Sudou's show of masculinity is also in vain.

But Sudou is Sudou after all so he probably doesn't even entertain the idea of Horikita being strong one bit.

"Besides, this may be unnecessary but there's one more thing I have to add. How about focusing those worries on your club activities?".

"It's fine I'm telling you. There's still time left until practice. Let's look for Kouenji already".

Even as she tried to drive him away, Sudou still stuck to Horikita.

"Good's tough having to move around while carrying the seeds of trouble".

She gave him a stealth insult.

If Horikita were to get hurt while she's alone, Sudou will definitely snap. If that happens, it'll turn into a huge uproar that would make the previous one look like a joke.