How to make money from the Internet 17S

How to make money from the Internet 17S

After much consideration, Pei Qian decided to wait and see. He could not admit defeat so easily.

Pei Qian did not think about the experience shop for now. He opened the webpage and casually flipped through the latest news.

“Eh? FV Team’s champion skin is out?”

“What’s more, Long Yu Corporation even organized an event for this champion skin?”

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“That’s great! Boss Ai, Boss Zhao, you’ve been silent for so long. Finally, you’ve made your move!”

Pei Qian could not help but be overjoyed when he saw the news released on Long Yu Corporation’s official website.

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He had been waiting for Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation to burn money since the 515 Games Festival. In the end, he could not wait no matter what. He was very anxious.

This time, the champion’s skin did not set a 20%!d(MISSING)iscount like the other skins. Instead, it set a 50%!d(MISSING)iscount!

On top of that, the official announcement stated that the discount would be the same as the skin discount during summer. Gamers could purchase it without any worries.

What’s more, after the ICL league ended, the heroes used by the winning team would be given a 50%!d(MISSING)iscount on the basis of the summer discount.

However, considering that there was still more than half a month to the spring competition of the ICL league, players who could not wait could directly obtain this champion skin.

After all, even if he gave a 50%!d(MISSING)iscount, it would not be able to be cheaper by a few yuan. The earlier he bought it, the earlier he could enjoy it.

What’s more, the ICL league’s championship team might not necessarily use the five heroes with the champion’s skin. It was still unknown if this 20%!d(MISSING)iscount would exist.

All in all, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation were very generous and sincere in targeting the champion’s skin this time.

He had been forced by Tengda.

If not for GOG, a deranged competitor who sold skins every now and then, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation would not have offered such a low price.

Pei Qian nodded in satisfaction.

Very good, burning money would be satisfying with such an opponent!

What’s more... Long Yu Corporation’s publicity plan for the champion’s skin had exposed Finger Games’ discount during the summer.