Online chess and money game

Online chess and money game

“A man doesn’t live on the basis of a woman’s evaluation. This is my way, I’ve only just met you, let alone as an enemy who won’t listen to other people’s arguments yet finds faults, get lost already!”

I was dumbfounded, but quickly got angry.

I twist my wrist and he lets go on reflex. Just a little. A little distance, and a chance of victory still stands.

“Wh-What do you mean come at you with an uglier face... how rude! Women and men... it’s what’s inside, isn’t it?”

“...... What?”

And finally, a chance. His response was delayed because he kept rattling in anger.

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I back-stepped to gain some distance from him. If it’s this range, I can cope with it.

“Now, you’ll receive my strongest ninjutsu! Water Art! Wind Art! Composite Ninjutsu, 【FengShui Calamity】―――” [4]

In battle, it is essential to be calm.

To not understand that, he still has a long way to go.

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“What’s inside... so, even you declare that it’s the state of what’s inside that’s important! At least...”

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It was then.

Having been separated from me again, he did not hastily give chase, but cried out with an emotional outburst.

“At least the friend I just met... is a scary faced Ogre and yet.... what’s inside... is a kinder person than anybody else.”

It seems he’s shouting not just in anger, in some respects it’s as if to appeal to reason......