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What are the formal money-making games online?

However, he had actually noted down the location of the restaurant; Pei Qian couldn’t possibly have noticed that!

Soon, the comments section grew noisier.

“Ming Yun Villas? That is indeed rather secluded. Thank you for the recommendation, Uncle Zhang. I’ll drive by someday to have a look.”

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“Wow, that’s far. Even by car, it takes one hour.”

“It is really that good, that Uncle Zhang is full of praise? Can someone go try it out? If it really is that good, I could consider flying to Jingzhou and try it and take in the sights as well. Who knows where it’s nice to go to in Jingzhou?”

Pei Qian scrolled the Weibo account page as he froze.

The previous message had been alright; most people had focused on Zhang Zuting’s commercial partnership.

This message was bad; it had specifically stated Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s location.

That was too eye-catching! People were going to come knocking!

Pei Qian scratched his head.

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What could I do to dissuade these people?

He definitely couldn’t maliciously do something to turn them away.