different ways to invest money

different ways to invest money

“If you’re displeased with the fact that negotiations have broken down, then perhaps you should’ve conducted yourself a little better.”

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Horikita had wanted to establish a cooperative relationship with Hōsen no matter the cost.

And yet, at this point, even she understood the futility of any further discussion.

After a short staredown between the two of them, Horikita turned and looked away, as if to say she had seen everything she needed to.

“Let’s go.”

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Although Sudō was frustrated, he asked Horikita again, just to make sure.

“Are you sure, Hōsen-kun?”

Nanase asked Hōsen the same question at nearly the same time.


“I personally think we should’ve cooperated with Horikita-senpai.”

“Hah! They’re the ones who called it off. You want me to go over there and stop ‘em?”