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Li Shi laughed as though he had decided. “Boss Pei, I’ve given it some thought.

“I’m prepared to invest a sum of money into your haunted house! It’s alright even if it made ducks and drakes! It will all be a sense of gratefulness towards Boss Pei!”

Pei Qian sipped his tea as a question mark slowly floated over his head.

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Pei Qian did not believe a single word Li Shi said.

Business was business. Boss Li was a veteran investor. How was it possible for him to invest money in projects he could not recover from?

Pei Qian had revealed the haunted house project to Boss Li quite some time ago and pretended to invite him to join hands. Boss Li just laughed it away.

Obviously, Li Shi felt that the haunted house could not be successful so he did not want to be involved in it.

Why did he change his mind now?

Obviously, ‘being grateful to Boss Pei’ was just an excuse, a cover.

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Was it possible that Li Shi saw the possibility of success with the Haunted house after a period of thinking and investigation?

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Pei Qian thought about it for a while. It had been almost a month since the Thriller Hostel had been under construction.

The progress was pretty fast because they had been working on the small projects. They might be able to have the first-hand experience for one or two of the small projects in the next few days.