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“I don’t know if I can do what you want, let me think about it for now.”

In this situation, I judged this was the best answer.

That being said, I didn’t plan to form a group with anyone at the moment.

This was because of Tsukishiro and the White Room student lurking in the 1st year.

The first semester was almost over.

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There’s no way they were going to keep putting it off and let me just spend my campus life like this.

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I’m afraid the next special exam will be the final showdown between me and Tsukishiro.

In other words, he may attack regardless of anything else.

If I formed a group, others would surely get involved.

If that really happened, I needed to make sure that I was the only one who dropped out to ensure there were minimum casualties.

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I left them, while confirming this in my heart once again.

The next morning, after getting ready for school, I turned on my phone.

The school had sent me a notice through my personal email, informing me that I had been given the “Trial” card.

“Never thought I’d get a special card…”

Just when I thought I had finally gotten past all the strange looks I had been getting due to my perfect score in the math test, I ended up getting this card. That being said, it was a double-edged sword, as the strong effect of this “Trial” card meant that there was a possibility that I could attract attention again. While it would be safe, and desirable, to trade the card with a student who needed it, the uncertain strength it provided meant that there would be consequences for doing so if I’m not careful about who I traded it to. I would probably be the one held responsible if the group I traded it to ended up taking first place.

It’s possible that Tsukishiro had given me the card in order to help force my expulsion, but given that the card can be transferred, that was far too weak of a strategy to pressure me. It would be more natural to interpret it as nothing more than the luck of the draw. The two remaining special cards, “More People” and “Nullify”, went to Class C’s Asakura Mako and Class A’s Yano Koharu respectively. It was probably fortunate that they were separated like this, at least to a certain extent.