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How to invest more than a thousand investment to make money

“I’m ok with it, but… is it fine for me to do so?”

“You’re the best person to ask here. Also, it’s impossible to take the test without knowing what it’s about.”

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“Ok, I will inform everyone about the change.”

“By tomorrow, I’ll make sure to revise our study plan as well.”

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Even though Horikita was pretending to be calm, I knew she was feeling slightly anxious. Our frantic studying the past few days are now useless. Also, we only have about a week left until the test.

However, the biggest worry was Sudou, Ike and Yamauchi’s motivation.

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“Horikita. I know it’ll be hard, but I will rely on you.”

Sudou bowed to Horikita.

“I… starting tomorrow, will take a break from club activities for a week. Will that work?”


Considering that we only have a week left, it’s a very reasonable decision.

Even though it was the best possible thing she could ask for, Horikita couldn’t immediately accept.

“Is that really ok? It’ll be hard, you know?”