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“What? Me? Why?”

“Why, I... I want ta make friends with people, but I’m scared. Humans find me scary. But, Earth, isn’t scared of me. That’s amazing.”

Not scared? No, I was scared when we first met.

But, well, so much happened in a short time, and I was able to have a meal, and....

“Well, I was certainly scared, but now you’re just one of the ogres.”

” I-Is that so?”

” Ah! In the end—.”

Yes, I’m... the son of a hero? Wrong.

“Though I look like this, I’m a disciple of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar ?”

Or, by the way, the Great Demon King, the strongest known demon in the history of the world, is right beside me, compared to that.... No way?

“Oh, Earth, amusing! Ya tell such funny jokes! It’s great.”

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“...... No, i-is that so. Hahaha, it’s the first time I’m saying it too.”