Online game live broadcast is a lie

Online game live broadcast is a lie

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In a world set in the future, the advancement of technology has caused the ordinary person’s standard of living to deteriorate. People live on fast food and snacks, have three hours to wander around outside, and are forced to watch omnipresent advertisements. A couple in love (played by Lu Zhiyao and Lin Ruyi) become unhappy with this way of living. They set their minds on fighting their unfair state and courageously pursue their own dreams. However, they have no idea what kind of fate awaits them...

Underneath that were the cast list, the trailer, and some screenshots.

It was worth mentioning that Pei Qian had found his own name on the cast list. He was listed as the film’s scriptwriter, but there was no picture.

“Hm... the description doesn’t match my expectations, but it’s about right. Few people would read films’ descriptions anyway.”

At first, Pei Qian had considered using dishonest advertising to publicize the film. For instance, he had thought about giving it high accolades like ‘a sci-fi and romance film’ or ‘a soothing movie’. That way, once the movie premiered, and the audience found out that they had been lied to, they would definitely curse the film to no end. The film’s reputation would then crumble.

However, Boss Pei could not possibly have gotten involved in such minor matters. What’s more, he had been so busy that he had forgotten about his idea altogether.

Still, reading the current labels and description, Pei Qian guessed that the film would probably not attract too many people. In any case, it was far too late for him to change anything now.

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He had no choice but to leave things as they were.

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Pei Qian scrolled down, wanting to read people’s comments.

“Lu Zhiyao stars in this film. I expect it to get one star.”

“Zha Zhuti is very good at choosing films to star in. I’m guessing this won’t be bad. I can’t wait!”

“Sci-fi fans are remaining cautiously optimistic towards domestically-produced sci-fi films.”

“A second-tier director and the toxicity in the box office are forcing their way into the sci-fi genre. I don’t think Zhang Zuting alone would be able to carry this film. I think it’ll fail!”

“Local citizens filming a movie set overseas... even the voices would be in English and the subtitles would be in Mandarin? Excuse me? What kind of crazy piece of work is this?!”

“The cast is not bad. I don’t think it will sell out, but I don’t think it will be that bad either. It should be able to make a hundred million yuan.”

“I can’t tell what this movie would be like. Its advertising strategy was so aggressive, but I wonder if the investors would lose all their money...”

Reading the comments gave Pei Qian mixed feelings of joy interspersed with melancholy.