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It seemed like she had been aiming to pass the responsibilities of the commander off to me, just like I had expected of her.

In her eyes, I was much more capable than most other students.

She had probably already decided that, instead of entrusting the position to some half-baked student, it would be safer to leave it to me. Because even in the worst case, I still had a protection point, so it wouldn’t matter at all.

“I’d like to ask, is there anyone else who’s willing to be the commander?”

At this point, the only people who could object would be those willing to put themselves on the line as well.

Regardless, there didn’t appear to be anyone else willing to take on the risk.

“Even if Ayanokōji-kun is the commander on paper, we can just make careful preparations for everything ahead of time. As long as he acts as instructed on the day of the exam, it shouldn’t make too much of a difference who the commander is.”

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Voices of agreement came from various students who weren’t willing to think about it too deeply.

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“At any rate, class is starting soon. The school hasn’t set aside any additional time for us to iron out the details, so it seems to me like we should arrange a time for everyone to meet up together.”

From what it seemed, Horikita would be the one to look after the class now that Hirata wasn’t taking the initiative to do so.

(Chapter 2 End)

On that same day, during lunch break, almost every student in Class C had agreed to meet up in the classroom.

The students who didn’t bring their own lunches to school were expected to go out and purchase one, then reassemble in the classroom immediately after.