Mobile phone online typing platform download

Mobile phone online typing platform download

Why was it so simple?

It was especially the case for the summary! Claiming that this guy was just barely doing his job was an understatement – it was clear he gave no f*cks at all!

Summary: This is a normal card game with nothing new

Did the creator bear some grudge against his own game or something?!

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Besides, most other games would place some promotional pictures or beautiful posters on this page to improve the impression of the game.

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In any case, they would dump all the best art resources the game had to offer on the information page so that gamers would be tricked in.

As for whether the actual graphics matched the promotional pictures... that didn’t matter anymore; they would be able to retain part of the gamers that were tricked in.

But yet, Ghost General had no pictures at all!

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That was the reason why the total downloads was still zero by the time Ruan Guangjian searched for it – even Pei Qian had not downloaded it yet.

“He must not have had the time to promote it since the game’s just gotten through the vetting process... yes, that must be it.”

Ruan Guangjian consoled himself while downloading and entering the game.

He naturally did not care about the 10 yuan cost of the game.

It was an extremely rudimentary card game with a gameplay that resembled Qute Three Kingdoms six months ago.

However, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Mobile games had never required overly complex systems or gameplays. In this age, the trend still leaned towards mobile games that were more relaxing.

Most of the gamers could only afford around three hours of daily gameplay spread through the entire day.