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Li Shi was overjoyed. “You’re all friends of Boss Pei? Then, say no more—this meal is on me! Just eat as much as you want!

“Since you’re all friends of Boss Pei, you should eat and play to your heart’s content. Welcome to Jingzhou!”

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Boss Li exchanged a couple of pleasantries with all of them and then asked one of the nurses to serve two more dishes. He was very hospitable indeed.

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Everyone ate and talked at the same time, and no one mentioned the ‘Ultimate Horror’ again.

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Five minutes later, Qiao Liang, who had been eating with his head bowed the entire time, suddenly slammed the table.

“Alright, I’ve decided! I will attempt the ‘Ultimate Horror’!”

Ruan Guangjian, Lin Wan, and Chen Kangtuo looked very surprised.

Eh? What had made Qiao Liang change his mind?

Hadn’t he been more concerned about remaining alive earlier?

Qiao Liang now seemed to be viewing death with equanimity as he said, “All of you have offered me so much encouragement and help. I think it’s very important to gather more information as well.

“However, none of that made me set my resolve.

“Instead, one sentence from Boss Li made me realize something: I am a friend of Boss Pei! Everything that Boss Pei wants to say to me has been injected into the ‘Ultimate Horror’ in Thriller Hostel. Can I still call myself a friend of his if I refuse to go and read his message?

“That means I must go!”