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I understand now.

Boss Pei smiled because he was happy that Fei Huang Workspace’s A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life has started generating profits. He recognized our achievements. However, he’s probably looking so stern now because he’s not satisfied with our plans for the future!

Huang Sibo instinctively recalled his past conversations with Boss Pei.

Again and again, Boss Pei had ordered him to look further into the future and not to cling to small, present achievements!

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Fei Huang Workspace was now generating profits, but would this small sum mean anything to Boss Pei?

Probably not!

It looked like Boss Pei had higher hopes for Fei Huang Workspace! Pei Qian was still thinking about how to persuade Huang Sibo to spend more money. At that moment, he could not think of anything good to say.

Instead, Huang Sibo spoke first.

“Boss Pei, are you unhappy with Fei Huang Workspace’s plans for the future?

“Do you think that Fei Huang Workspace should come up with better products and not cling to our small, present achievement?”

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Pei Qian was speechless.”…”

Eh? My employees have learned how to fight to answer questions first?

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He looked up to see Huang Sibo’s sincere gaze and then nodded. “That’s right! That’s what I’m thinking!”

Huang Sibo smiled, comforted. Inwardly, he celebrated the fact that his relationship with Boss Pei was improving. He was increasingly able to view problems from a larger perspective! However, his smile quickly faded.

“Boss Pei, we’re not being short-sighted.

“The key problem is that Director Zhu Xiaoce and I haven’t found a good direction. We don’t even have one good idea.