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Unlike E1 cell phones, G1 cell phones’ advantages were not easy to detect, but their shortcomings were real.

For example, the comprehensive screen technology was just a little bigger for most people. They looked much better, but their perception would not be particularly strong.

The problem with comprehensive screen technology was that pop-up cameras took up more space in the cell phone. The cell phone’s size would become bigger, the heat dissipation, water and dust resistance would become worse and the quality of communication would also decrease.

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All of these would affect customers’ experience.

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Thus, if the G1 cell phone did that again, customers would not think that these shortcomings were harmless. Instead, they would think that these shortcomings were enough to overthrow all the previous advantages.

What’s more, the previous news conference had already placed the price segment at the beginning. If the same scene were to happen again this year, not only would it not have the same effect as last year, but it might even backfire and cause consumer disgust.

That was because last year’s news conference was equivalent to doing a performance. The performance could not be done twice in a row. That would be too outdated and turn into lousy work.

Thus, no matter how Jiang Yuan thought about it, he felt that there was something wrong with the contents of the news conference.

“What exactly is the problem?”

“Boss Pei looks so confident. He’s obviously expecting some results. However, why can’t I understand Boss Pei’s thoughts...”

“Calm down. We cannot rush now. We have to slowly analyze Boss Pei’s intentions.”

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“Boss Pei said that we should talk about the cell phone’s shortcomings first.”

“What’s more, don’t put the price segment at the front. Just like other cell phones, put it at the back.”

“Could Boss Pei mean to be as mediocre as other cell phone news conferences? That’s impossible. Boss Pei just told me that this cell phone is filled with creativity. The news conference should be filled with creativity!”

“Could it be that... the key lies in putting the shortcomings in front?”