Do you ask a woman to sell clothes online?

Do you ask a woman to sell clothes online?

I fell speechless. Then, the god in front of me immediately continued.

“Off-topic. In other words, you couldn’t buy it. …No, you didn’t buy it, right?”


I feel like she’ll force the truth out of me no matter how long I keep silent. So, I explained to her that I gave the controller to the child before sighing.

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“I feel like my compatibility with this department store isn’t too good. Something like this also happened with <Kurikure> as well…”

“Huh, compatibility, right.”

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She’s doing it again. …I hate it. Although I always hate Main-san, I can sometimes feel genuine contempt from her words, just like right now.

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I fell silent. Main-san seems to be finished with getting Mii-chan’s clothes. She still said naturally impolite stuff like, “It’s filled with boring things here.” Then, she walked away. …Luckily, there are no staff members around.

Main-san suddenly stopped after getting out of the kids’ clothing area. I thought about what’s wrong as I looked in her direction. After that, I saw the bare arcade area in the department store…


Main-san turned to me with a demon king’s face as I started shivering due to the bad feeling.

“Hey, Amako. In other words, -you have an extra 3,000 yen right now, am I correct?”

“…Mom, I think I got blackmailed for the first time in my life.”

“Hey, hey, don’t put it in such a bad way, Amako. …Let’s have a match?”


In conclusion, I got blackmailed for the first time in my life.

“Ahaha, I’m sorry, Amako. I feel like I just blackmailed you!”