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While chatting as such, we arrived at the Student Council Room before long.

I knocked and got permission to enter the room, and opened the door.

「Good morning, president.」

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「Good morning. Allen-kun, Ria-san, Rose-san.」

The president, who had arrived at the student council room a few minutes earlier, greeted us.

In the back of it, Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai sitting on the sofa waved towards us.

「Well, now that we’re all together, let’s start our regular meeting right away!」

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The president took the lead, and the established『In name only regular meeting』began.

After that, as usual, we had a good time talking about various things while eating lunch.

According to the president, Sebas-san, the vice-president, was still in custody.

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I am told, he was suspected of being related to the Black Organization due to wearing their black cloak and all.

Therefore, it would take a little more time before he can return to Thousand Blade Academy.

Now that Sebas-san’s story was over,

「Now that I think about it, the『Thousand Blade Festival』is coming up soon. Has Allen’s class decided what to do?」

The president brought up a new topic.

「「「……Thousand Blade Festival?」」」

When the three of us tilt our heads together,

「Oh, you don’t know? Thousand Blade Festival is an academy festival held once a year!」

「Each class picks an activity, and there are a lot of participants from outside the academy!」