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Complete the task to make money online is it true

Simply put, the lower limit wasn’t low enough.

Hiring notices online had to be written properly.

If Pei Qian were to declare on the notice that these people were just here to waste time, the system would definitely give him a warning.

Truly, it wasn’t enough for just a single ‘trusted aide’ like Ma Yang.

Where else could he find a talent such as Ma Yang?

After much pondering, Pei Qian thought of someone.

If he could get that person, everything would be perfect!

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After searching through three internet cafes near the school, Pei Qian found the person he wanted.

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This was someone who wasn’t fixed at a single location. However, he could still be found at either nearby internet cafes. If he wasn’t at any of them, he would be on the way to one of them.

The reason for that may be due to fatigue stemming from being at the same internet cafe for a long time. That was why this person would go for a change of environment every now and then to stay for a couple of weeks at another internet cafe.

This godly being’s name was Bao Xu and everyone in the internet cafes loved to call him Bao Su.

The term Liver Emperor1 only became popular a couple of years later.