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Rose then continued talking, with a bitter smile on her face.

「I don’t think humans can live for 2,000 years, and I can’t believe a “living sakura” exists until I see it with my own eyes. However, the one thing I do believe in is the “vow of succession”.」

She said, and suddenly began to loosen her yukata sash.

Her chest gradually became more exposed.

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「R-Rose… what are you!?」

While directing my eyes away from Rose, I tried to suppress my heartbeat that was accelerating contrary to my will.

Rose then shook her head from side to side.

「D-Don’t misunderstand me! L-Look here! There is a sakura blossom pattern emerging here, right!?」

Her cheeks flushed, Rose pointed to her slightly exposed left chest.

There was a glossy light pink sakura blossom pattern on Rose’s chest.

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A four-petalled sakura on a snow-white skin.

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I was captivated by its beauty.

(Come to think of it… Bacchus-san had something similar to this, didn’t he?)