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Wu Bin really wanted to ask those who passed how they had done it, but the employees from the administrative department—who had been invigilating the test—were beginning to chase people out of the room.

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“If you’re done with the test, please leave immediately. You’re not to discuss the questions. It’s alright if you didn’t pass this time; you all have three more chances.

“Please use the remaining time to study Tengda’s spirit well. May you all pass the test the next time!”

Baffled, Wu Bin returned to his workspace.

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“How did you do? Did you pass?” The man beside him asked as he tapped away at his keyboard, working.

Wu Bin shook his head, still bewildered. “I didn’t.”

The man’s head was obviously filled with question marks at that moment, but he still comforted Wu Bin. “Don’t worry. It’s probably because you just joined us not long ago, and you don’t understand the Tengda spirit well enough. Keep working hard; there’ll be more chances in the future.”

Wu Bin, “…What exactly is the Tengda spirit?”

The man remained silent for a long time before answering, “You’ve stumped me. I don’t know either…”

Wu Bin was speechless.

It looked like the test was not as simple as he had imagined…

At noon, all of Tengda’s employees stopped work and prepared to travel to the location where the annual meeting would be held.

Since it would be held at a luxurious hotel nearby, they did not have to travel far.

Two buses had been chartered to send the employees in Shenhua View to and fro. The other employees scattered around Jingzhousuch as Upwind Logistics’ delivery men, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branch managers, and the like-would arrange for their own transportation. They could then claim their expenses from the company.

As Wu Bin sat on the bus to the hotel, he felt slightly muddleheaded.

He hadn’t recovered from the morning’s events and was still pondering hard about why he had failed the Tengda Spirit compatibility test.