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She literally headed to the Empire prepared to die. She took in a breath, seeing her normal life spreading before her.

(Even so, it’s a little messy.)

Clothes thrown around, shoujo mangas everywhere, candy wrappers – it can’t be called『clean』even for flattery’s sake.

She has alway been hopelessly bad at tidying up.

「Let’s see if there’s anything to drink…」

She opened the large refrigerator in the corner of the room and quenched her thirst with the cold water inside.

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「Fuu… Let’s see…for now, let’s take a bath.」

Then Sie went to the dressing room, closed the partition curtain, and touched Allen’s jacket, which he lent to cover her torn dress.

「…Come to think of it, Allen-kun was wearing this uniform, wasn’t he?」

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Despite being in her own dorm room, she looked around to check if there were people.

After confirming there was no one, she slowly brought the jacket to her face.

「…Fufu, it’s Allen-kun’s smell.」