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I would be happy to help her if I’m a light novel MC. However, I’m just a weak passerby.

Just as I’m hesitating, her friends came along.

“Aguri-chan, I’m here to help.”

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“Thanks, Yamauchi-san.”

“By the way, what’s happening? These are all…girl’s magazines?”

“I borrowed them from the library.”

“…Don’t you think they are outdated?”

“Don’t mind me, girl.”

The two girls chatted with each other as they left.

(Why are my legs trembling from the mere thought of helping someone else…?)

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Even though I wanted to help, at the next moment, my brain is filled with, “I would just be a bother if I talked to them, right?”

I don’t belong anywhere in this high school. Someone important is being taken away from me.

Chapter 23 – Keita Amano and Prequel Talk 2

Here’s the daily life of Keita before meeting with Karen. It’s the second part of the prequel, followed closely by Ep.1 of < Gamers!> anime.

“My body’s already empty from going to the bathroom during the break alone…”

A loner already used up all of his energy with moving inside the school. …The world is hard.

I sighed and slowly made my way back to the classroom. During this time…