Online traffic card how do they make money?

Online traffic card how do they make money?

However, the content caused Hu Xiao to almost laugh out loud.

How the f*ck was that a review? That’s just aggressive testing!

He dipped it into the water, threw it onto the ground, and chopped it with a kitchen knife…

The dismantling part at the end was even more hilarious. He used a flat head screwdriver and pried the rear cover of the phone along its gaps. The way he dismantled the components of the phone proved the ‘blunt force leads to miracles’ theory. He did not care if the cables at the back were connected and was also unconcerned if there were any dispensing. He simply gouged the components out of the cell phone.

One could clearly see the veins on his hands. That showed how much force he was using.

When there was nothing more to dismantle, the phone was utterly ruined. It was similar to the scene of a car accident.

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The most absurd part was that the video creator said that he would revive the phone, and yet the only thing that he did was to rewind the clips of him dismantling the phone aggressively.

“Good job! It feels nice watching someone smashing a Shenhua cell phone. I need to share this video! I want to smash it too. It’s a pity I do not have the money for it.”

After arguing with the netizen who supported Shenhua phones, Hu Xiao was still a little enraged. Seeing a video that smashed and cracked a Shenhua cell phone made his mood turn for the better.

No need to say anything. Share!

Hu Xiao mainly used Weibo for his Shaohu Reviews. However, his account at Aili Island had three to four hundred thousand subscribers.

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Although he did not have many subscribers, they were all very active. Moreover, Hu Xiao also had the contacts of professional fake reviewer teams. Therefore, he had a strong influence on the internet.

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After sharing the video, he added a caption: ‘A Baller Smashed the Shenhua N7 in Anger. The Reason was…’

After writing those words, Hu Xiao almost laughed at what he wrote.

Those who did not know what happened might think that the baller smashed the Shenhua N7 phone because he was unhappy and angry about its quality.