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“Follow me.”

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Tang Yishu hugged the milk tea, trotted behind Pei Qian again, and entered the nearby pet hospital.

This pet hospital was very small, housing only three treatment rooms and one operating theater. It mainly served the people in surrounding communities with pets.

Stray cats were a frequent occurrence in this area. Students or aunties with nothing better to do in the community would often bring these stray cats over for treatment or sterilization.

Many stray cats would be adopted, but some would be left behind and be kept in the pet hospital.

Pei Qian entered the hospital and asked. “Are there any stray cats sent here recently?”

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A young female vet on duty at the front desk replied, “Yes, someone sent a black cat over previously. It was vaccinated and neutered some time ago. Moreover, it had taken a bath a few days ago.”

“Do you want to adopt it, sir? This cat is rather cute; it’s just grown a little too big.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Let me see it.”

The female vet led Pei Qian and Tang Yishu in towards a cage in the corner. There was a black cat in it with short black fur. Only its four paws were white.

Its eyes were wide open, but they were perfectly camouflaged. It was very difficult to tell if it was sleeping or awake.

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This cat seemed to be at least six months old, not as cute as a newborn kitten. Perhaps that was why no one adopted it.

Pet hospitals had their limitations so they were kept in cages most of the time for fear that they would be lost if they were let out. They were also fed cat food of average quality; therefore, it was not fat at all.

Pei Qian asked. “Is it a he or she?”

The female vet replied, “It’s a castrated male.”

Pei Qian, “… Very good.”

He turned towards Tang Yishu. “Do you like it?”

Tang Yishu nodded. “I like a-all cats.”