How to make online fitness coach

How to make online fitness coach

I was surprised that I even had such a desire.

(Introduction End)

It seemed that I wasn’t the only guy excited at the idea of receiving Valentine’s day chocolates.

As soon as I stepped into our classroom, I noticed that Class C was steeped in a strange atmosphere.

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Many of the boys were gathered together in one place.

Valentine’s Day was the culmination of an entire year’s excitement.

It was, along with Christmas, a day that highlights the romance between boys and girls.

“Oh, there you are Ayanokōji. You come over here for a moment.”

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Sudō called over to me, so I approached the group.

“Did you get any chocolate?”


Sudō asked me with a somewhat tense expression, a glare in his eyes.

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“To explain, it seems like he’s really asking if you’ve gotten any chocolate from Horikita.”

Ike added with a sly grin.

“Don’t say weird stuff like that, you idiot. It has nothing to do with that.”

Contrary to what he had said, Sudō’s eyes weren’t smiling at all.

They were practically filled with demonic intensity, demanding an answer.

“I didn’t get anything from her. There’s no chance she’d give me anything.”

“…For real?”