How to make money online lottery purchasing website

How to make money online lottery purchasing website

Qiao Liang was stunned.

It seemed... true.

He and Boss Pei communicated more on a telepathic level. Boss Pei created games while he interpreted the riddles therein.

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In reality, one lived in Beijing while the other lived in Jingzhou. They really had not interacted much, and he truly knew nothing about the way Boss Pei spoke or worked.

Looking at Qiao Liang’s expression, Li Shi knew he was right.

He proudly said, “I have more understanding in this area! Boss Pei has one habit: he likes to ‘test’ people. Take us, investors, for example. As we invest in Boss Pei’s projects, Boss Pei will try his best to dissuade us.

“Only those who stand their ground and refuse to budge would earn Boss Pei’s trust!

“Think about it carefully. Do you really believe Boss Pei when he says this is nothing more than a haunted house? Do you really think it’s possible that there’s no deeper meaning to dig into this project?

“Boss Pei chases excellence, and he always takes the path less traveled. Even a simple shopping mall was turned into the Golden Maze! The ‘Ultimate Horror’ is meant to be the best project and the anchor of Thriller Hostel. How could it be nothing more than an ordinary haunted house?

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“If the answers to the above questions are no, then you should reconsider your decision.

“If Boss Pei has invested so much effort and money into this place, why would he try to tell you not to experience it?

“This is obviously a test to see how strong-willed you are. He wants to see if you’re capable of making it through the ‘Ultimate Horror’ and creating an exciting video!

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“If you’ve been dissuaded... I can only say, with regret, that this is the end of the road.

“Think about what I said based on your understanding of Boss Pei. Consider it very carefully.”