exchanging money

exchanging money

“W-What’s wrong?”

We turned around a bit nervously. After that, she asked us a question in an unexpectedly polite manner that doesn’t match her gal appearance.

“Sorry for suddenly calling you two. I think I just saw Aguri’s underling, …no, uh, i-it’s my friend. Can I ask whether the two of you know him?”

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“Uh, …the friend you’re referring to is…?”

“He’s Amanocchi. …No, uh, his name is Keita Amano.”

Our hearts immediately started pounding hard. As for me, …I told this seemingly-to-be “Aguri” girl. “Ah, just a second.” Then, I turned around with Ao, and we started discussing this with an ultra-low voice and super speed.

(She appeared right when we said it! She’s that guy’s girlfriend, right? She’s the girlfriend, right?)

(P-Please calm down, Ayumu-san. This girl just said that she’s Amano’s friend…)

(Keita can’t have such a cute girlfriend! That guy is a loner!)

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(Why you always look down on Amano? He really has a girlfriend.)

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(So, this girl is definitely that girlfriend! She’s cute! She’s insanely adorable!)

(Hey, what are you suddenly getting sulky? Forget about that, if she’s Keita’s girlfriend…)

(Here comes the rom-com situation. You deserved it.)

(Now’s not the time to act calmly, Ao! For the two of us, your look is the exact girl who will seduce a young high school boy! Perhaps you’re the one to be stabbed first!)

(There’s a limit for dragging someone into this! How did you judge that from my look!? I would never-)

(Anyway, we have to make this through somehow!)