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However, taking a look at the surroundings of Ming Yun Private Kitchen, Pei Qian soon lost his mood. Ever since Ming Yun Private Kitchen had grown popular, Pei Qian had not visited

All in all, it was a long story.

Pei Qian had purchased a semi-commercial villa. It was completely separate from other residential villas. It had its own space and cars had their own private entrance as well. Originally, this had been the reason why these villas had been hard to sell.

However, this semi-commercial villa area near Ming Yun Private Kitchen was now filled with luxury cars. These were cars that were rarely seen in Jingzhou.

Furthermore, cabs also kept on arriving.

Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s clients were not just big bosses now; some ordinary salarymen also came by. The latter came all the way here on a Sunday to have a good meal and to enjoy the good food and service.

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While there weren’t that many people, it was very different from before.

The last time Teacher Qiao had come, Ming Yun Private Kitchen didn’t have any other customers. It looked rather deserted and only had some waiters running about.

This time, besides the luxury cars parked outside, the villa had many more guests.

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Only four or five tables were in the main hall. At this time, all of them were filled. Customers were conversing softly while taking their time to enjoy the meal. No one took out their cell phones and the whole atmosphere of the place was harmonious and natural.

Of course, as Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s seating capacity was limited, even though all the seats were filled; the main hall still felt rather spacious. It was completely different from those popular, packed-to-the-brim restaurants with people queuing outside.

Pei Qian was rather pained by what he was seeing.

From his perspective, these customers were troublemakers one and all. They weren’t here to throw money at him; they were here to steal money from him!

Behind Pei Qian, Qiao Liang sighed internally. The last time he had come and saw how deserted the place was, Qiao Liang had thought that this was Boss Pei’s private set-up and was for his personal entertainment and indulgence.

From the looks of it now, that was evidently not the case. So many customers were around, and this place was now so popular; this restaurant was raking in money, right?

Although the food here was really good, how on earth did Boss Pei manage to make this place a hit within a mere two weeks?