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"You predicted it's locked. But if so, what's the locking mechanism for it?" Ibuki asks me.

"I wonder. I think it's locked using a padlock something the matter?"

In regards to that subject, I wasn't sure too.

"I'm kicking it" Ibuki said.

"No, wait. Surely that's impossible".

I'm not sure whether or not she's just that confident in her kicking techniques but it's not something one can easily kick.

"That hatch is the emergency hatch, right? That means it's connected to the outside. That's why rescuers can open it up from the outside, that means it's a door that opens outwards from here as far as I can tell. The force needed for that should also be minimal" Ibuki told me.

It's not like I couldn't understand what she was going on about, but the situation is the situation. In the first place, since the hatch is located on the ceiling, forget kicking it would be difficult for her legs to even hit it.

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"I won't know for sure unless I try it" Ibuki then said.

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It seems Ibuki wants to escape from this heat as quickly as possible as she starts looking at the walls left and right. Don't tell me she wants to do a triangular jump by kicking off the walls. If it's her, I'm sure she would think of something like that, but I can't let her to do that.

"...I could say it's exactly as foretold, but it seems the fortune-teller's prediction came true, huh?".

"Huh? What was that again?".

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"That old lady said it, right? Even if we suffer a setback, do not panic. And cooperate with each other".

I glanced at the location where the buttons of the elevator are located.

"The emergency button didn't respond. I wonder about the other buttons".

Since the light for the 1st floor was still lit, thinking about it, at least part of the battery is still working. I tried pressing the 2nd floor button as a test. And when I did, the light for the 2nd floor also lit up.

It may be that only the lights are still active but it's worth a try. I then start pressing buttons at random.

"It's useless, apparently".