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Can the online crazy game really make money?

“Line? I mean, I did draw a certain line already…”

“Really? Well, let me ask you this, Amano. If Hoshinomori said, ‘Hey, let’s spend the whole night in my house playing games as friends, okay?’ to you, what would you do?”

“What will I do? …Ha, did you really think I’m this stupid, Uehara-kun?”

“O-Oh, sorry, I think this question’s difficulty too low-“

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“As a gamer- how can I not stay over in her house!?”

“You’re totally defenseless.”

Everyone yelled again. After that, Chiaki seems to be mumbling to herself, “…Ah, I can do that, …very well.” She jotted some notes. What is she writing? Nothing to do with me, anyway.

I’m the only one that’s not following up and standing dazedly. Uehara-kun saw my face and tried to guide me.

“You know, you should change this part of yours when you started dating Tendou?”

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“Which part?”

“The part where you still care about the girls who aren’t your girlfriend.”


“Hey, uh, why’s everyone staring daggers at me?”

Uehara-kun self-destructed tragically. …However, I understood. Thanks to him.

“You’re right, …I got it, Uehara-kun. I’ll try my best to not end up like you!”

“I’m glad you can understand! Damn!”