How to make money online story

How to make money online story

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“…No, I think it’s a bit much to use at all, right?”

“It’s not. This is a fact. It can’t be helped. You never changed who you really are. …That’s why I love you the most.”

“Uh, hey, no, why are you saying that in front of Chiaki-“

I tried to cover my embarrassment while blushing. As for Tendou-san, she turned around and urged me. “Let’s go.”

“Forget it, let’s go to the next place, you two! We have to meet with the others in an hour! There are only so many places we can research on! Quick, I’ll leave you two behind!”

“I can’t forget it…”

She has always been a person that goes all out on something she likes. I thought she was looking at me properly for a second. In the end, she returned to her world of gaming again.


…However, that’s why I really love this girl.

(Yes, …this is it. Well, I should…muster up my courage and confess my feelings…!)

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Just as I’m about to make an important decision-

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“…Hey, no, wait, Tendou-san!? Don’t just leave us behind, okay!?”

When I snapped out of it, Tendou-san’s really leaving us behind for the next game without hesitation. I realized I’ll lose her if this continues. So, I freaked out and looked at the other person.

“Chiaki, let’s- hey, why are you just sitting over there!?”


“Don’t ‘eh’ me! We’re really going to lose her! Alright, stand up now! We’re moving, Chiaki.”

Chiaki was still dilly dallying around. I’m a bit in a hurry, so I grabbed her hands and walked.

As for Chiaki, she said this to me nervously from behind.

“Uh, h-hey, Keita, I…!”