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“I give up... even though I didn’t want to stand out...”

“””””What are you talking about even though it’s so amazing?”””””

“Amazing? I have no magical talent, so all I can use is Bit Fire ...”

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“””””Bit Fire with that power!?”””””

Amazingly, there are many female students around the few male students I could see.

However, aren’t there far fewer male students?

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Isn’t the gender balance weird?

Or, except for the teachers, is there only one boy?


“But, well... it’s impressive. Good performance. Developing countries are...not as I expected...”

『...... Well...... Tis so.』

However, the magic level of that boy is quite high.

Reminiscent of Fu, who was said to be a child prodigy, he is likely to be a top-class student at the Imperial Academy.

Will this guy participate in the tournament in three months’ time?

It’s not quite as shocking as that Machio’s numbers or Karui’s running, but it’s quite exciting.

“Hey, Amae. Is he famous, too?”


“Don’t you know?”