Online dating chat money platform

Online dating chat money platform

“How many people would be willing to rent an apartment? Even if they are, there’s only so much storage space. You wouldn’t be able to fit all of your things. Do they expect me to throw all of my sundries away?”

“Based on my many years of experience renting apartments, Sloth Apartments’ model is a pride project—it’s too unpractical! It’s expensive and inconvenient. Only literary and artistic youths would go in to take photographs.”

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“I agree. At the moment, apart from the aesthetic, I can’t think of any other reason why people would torture themselves by renting that apartment. I would rather stay in Home Corporation’s Safe House.

“Although they do not look as beautiful, they’re a big brand that I can trust. Their apartments are also exquisitely renovated, but their rent is cheap. Moreover, I can arrange the furniture however I want.”

“I think that we can still trust this business because it belongs to Tengda. For all we know, there might be a deeper meaning behind those regulations. We might only find out after moving in.”

“You’re welcome to be the brave lab rat.”

“Actually, I wanted to diss it from the beginning. Don’t Tengda’s other businesses also focus on showing off instead of practicality? The lunch boxes by Fish-Catching Take-Out only have one added box, but it’s so much more expensive than ordinary lunchboxes. Deposit Fitness packages their sessions with Fish-Catching Take-Out’s fitness meals, so that each session is at least double the price of that at other gyms!”

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“I agree with the above comment. I don’t know why so many people say that Tengda sells beautiful goods and services at low prices. I accept that their products are beautiful, but in what way are their prices low? Is anything on Tengda Life App cheap?

“All of those businesses spent money on showing off, right? Their take-out may be expensive, but take-out is take-out so it doesn’t matter. However, renting their apartments would cost one-third of people’s wages and thirty percent more. Who could bear it?”

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“That’s true. The most important thing that a house has to be is livable. No matter how cool it looks, it can’t fill your belly.”

“I think Tengda has gone astray this time. They’re focusing too much on showing off and neglecting livability. It’s gone in the opposite direction of the market.”

“That’s why I think Home Corporation’s Safe House is better. It’s an exquisite apartment with a butler as well, but it’s thirty percent cheaper than the Sloth Apartments. Just think about it. If you spend 1.5 thousand yuan on rent each month, you could save six thousand yuan each year. You could get a new cell phone with that money!