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Yet, setting up the restaurant in the south-east region of the city would mean that those in the north and west regions would have to drive across the city if they wanted to visit it. That would take them more than an hour… or close to two.

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After they finished eating, they would have to drive for another two hours back, in the evening peak-hour traffic.

The thought of that alone would be too suffocating

What’s more, the business environment there was no good. There were no entertainment facilities; why would people travel all that way for a meal?

From any angle, this plan seemed ridiculous.

However, Boss Pei had already explained his reason for selecting this location. He predicted that the Ming Yun Villas area would become Jingzhou City’s next commercial district. That was why he was making these moves in advance.

On this point, Boss Pei was being consistent.

However, no matter how Zhang Yuan studied the area, it did not look like a commercial district. It was too cold and deserted. The three of them walked and scanned the area.

All of a sudden, Zhang Yuan’s eyes lit up.

He saw a shop being set up and renovated! It was a two-story shop, and it looked quite cool. Zhang Yuan remembered that the last time he came here, the shop had been closed. What’s more, it looked abandoned.

Had someone taken over the shop in just a few days?

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Zhang Yuan arrived at the front of the shop and approached one of the construction workers to ask some questions. After that, he realized that a coffee shop was being opened here! From the looks of it, the owner of this shop was hoping to attract the high-income residents of Ming Yun Villas!

It was obvious that the coffee shop would steal some of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s customers and affect its sales. After all, it was much closer to Ming Yun Villas. It would only take the residents ten minutes to get there on foot.

However, the place immediately looked less abandoned!

Boss Pei remained expressionless and kept walking. Then, they arrived at the first location which he chose. At first, Pei Qian chose this location because it was in the middle of many closed shops. It was cold and deserted, and the perfect hiding spot for his new high-end restaurant.

However, along the closest road, another big shop space was being renovated!

Zhang Yuan went to chat with the construction workers again and found that someone was opening a bar here. What’s more, from the size of the shop space and the extravagance of the renovations, it looked like this bar was not going to be a small one!