Online oranges to make money

Online oranges to make money

The metro was about to be built after his good brother Eric left.

It was conceivable that GOG’s income would probably skyrocket in the future. The various physical industries in Jingzhou would probably also be doomed...

Pei Qian could not help but feel speechless and even a little regretful.

He would have bought one more unit if he had known earlier!

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The snack market had been planned a few months in advance. It was too late to change it, but the unit was only bought a week ago.

What’s more, Pei Qian has more than three million yuan now. He would have been able to buy two units and sell one of them.

If that was the case, he would probably be able to make as much money as he would be able to earn from a settlement cycle...

‘Investment genius’ Boss Pei leaned back in his chair, speechless.

He had never felt worse!

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July 13th, Friday...

Pei Qian was in his own office, sighing as he read the work summary from the various departments.