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In addition,

「Hmm… Where? Araraa…. Seems like it got done in pretty badly…」

A woman dressed in a glamorous kimono, with fox slit eyes, Rize-Dorahain appeared.

「…Just an inferior race, huh.」

Zerey, who saw the unidentified humans, breathed in relief inwardly.

If it’s『just a human being』, he can kill them in an instant, as long as they’re not an exception like Allen.

「Right now, I don’t have time to be concerned about trash like you. Curse Method – Fire Oppression」

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The moment the invisible curse flew,

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「Dessicate -〈Withered Parasol〉」

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Fire Oppression was erased by a mysterious power.

「You’re quite jumpy… Let’s talk for a little bit, shall we?」Rize said, cackling.

「What the…? Why doesn’t the curse method work? Don’t tell me you bastards are also!?」

All of a sudden, Zerey began to claw at his throat.

(C-Can’t breathe…!? This inferior race… Just what kind of ability…)

Due to severe lack of oxygen, Zerey lost consciousness.

「Capture complete. Now then, Clown. Before Allen-kun comes here, hurry up and carry him to my mansion.」

「Roger! Fufufu… The body of a demon, I’ve always wanted to play with it once!」

The moment Clown, with a smile of madness, carried Zerey under his arm,