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Chiaki didn’t know that Uehara-kun and Aguri-san are dating each other…which I kind of expected before. However, that’s not the only problem, I don’t understand how Chiaki can twist her understanding that much, she even thought that I was dating with Aguri-san. I immediately denied it. “It’s not like that at all.” However, Chiaki and Konoha-san don’t seem to find this entirely convincing. The crux of the issue appears to be the fact I would often be stuttering when they asked me why I am going out with Aguri-san.

With that said, it’s not exactly easy to say that we’re just discussing each of our relationships.

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So, I gave her a vague answer. “Aguri-san and I are just good friends.” “That’s why we often chat with each other.” Then, Konoha-san gave me a cold stare for some reason as she tried to correct me. “Doesn’t that mean you two are really close to each other?” I can’t really answer her…The sisters ended up concluding that the relationship between Aguri-san and I is in the “reconsideration” status.

However, at least both of them are convinced that Aguri-san and Uehara-kun are dating each other, luckily. It’s just that I’m a bit surprised, Chiaki doesn’t seem to be shocked…Did she know something already?

Also, another misunderstanding of Chiaki…is that she thought that Tendou-san is just pretending to be a couple with me. This theory stemmed from her belief that Aguri-san is my ex-girlfriend. The reason that Tendou-san accepted my confession is that she wanted to save me from Aguri-san’s scam out of her “kindness”…Chiaki appears to be thinking it that way. That would explain why Chiaki is emphasizing on the word “kindness” earlier.

By the way, this whole incident is very impolite. I can’t believe she said I was blackmailed by Aguri-san…Well, that’s not entirely wrong. B-But, that’s not as severe as what Chiaki has imagined.

Then, after I defended myself. Chiaki immediately…

“Ahhh, that’s right, that’s the line of a typical child who’s bullied continuously! It’s like that kind of “Oh, I’m wrestling with my friends” excuse!”

She freaked out. Uh, w-well, I did sound like that tone! However, Aguri-san isn’t a nasty girl. I tried my absolute best to convey this point to her, and I finally managed to solve Chiaki’s misunderstanding. From what I heard from Chiaki, she said she got the impression of “Hmm, I didn’t expect that this gal seems to be a nice person” when she’s playing the game of life with Aguri-san. Of course, Aguri-san is a really nice person, after all.

With that, I unexpectedly acquired the chance to solve some of the misunderstandings between Chiaki and me.

However, I also grabbed the chance and explained the relationship between Tendou-san and me.

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“Ah, while I’m not sure what Tendou-san thinks…but at least I continued dating Tendou-san because I love her. I’m not lying about that one.”

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I presented my own thoughts firmly. However, Chiaki gave me a complicated bitter smile. Don’t tell me she wants her rival to suffer under the relationship with the devil version of Aguri-san? I’m not sure what Chiaki’s thinking.