How is a high school to make money online?

How is a high school to make money online?

However, this also meant that the game could not be played with a controller. It could only be played with a mouse or a touch screen.

The official platform obviously intended to use the computers and cell phones as the main battlefield. They promised that players would first be on the computer version and then the cell phone version.

Logically speaking, it would be more comfortable to operate the cell phone version. However, there were more independent gamers in the computer version after all, and it would be easier to develop it. Thus, they had to go to the computer version first.

After watching the promotional video and the game’s contents, Pei Qian’s expression turned serious as though he was facing a formidable enemy.

No wonder so many people were pre-ordering it. It looked very reliable!

The domestic independent gamers were one of the most supportive groups of domestically-produced games. Ink and Clouds was a Chinese-style game. It was obviously more likable to combine traditional cultural elements like calligraphy and games.

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However... could this game’s DEMO achieve such a good publicity effect?

That didn’t make sense, right?

Pei Qian clicked on the promotional video on the game’s details page with some confusion.

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The video started in a dark room.

A child in shorts and a white vest was hiding under the blanket, reading a game magazine under the dim light of the flashlight.

Suddenly, footsteps came from outside the door. The child quickly switched off his flashlight and lay down. He hid the magazine under his pillow and pretended to be asleep.

The camera changed to day time.

His parents were not at home. The child carefully switched on his computer. On the screen was a domestically-produced standalone game with a strong mosaic style.

The child placed the game magazine aside and began to play seriously with the guide.

All of a sudden, the clock on the wall started to chime. The child quickly switched off his phone, took a wet towel, and covered the big head of the computer monitor. Then, he quickly returned to his room, opened his bag, took out his homework, and finally put away the wet towel.

After a period of time, the anti-theft door opened. The child’s father came back and touched the computer monitor. Then, he looked at the child who was studying seriously and turned to busy himself.

The scene changed again. The primary school student became a high school student. They might have changed to a different actor, but they could still recognize him as the same person through his clothing.

In the smoke-filled internet cafe, some of his peers were playing various online games. He was the only one still playing domestically-produced standalone games. However, it was the same game that he played in elementary school. There were no changes.