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A fortress that I don’t know how I should walk out, both externally and internally.

My inner wall is so tall that even I’m scared of it. That one guy who shared my personalities and yet he entered my fortified heart bravely and found me, Amano-

“No! That doesn’t count! None of that counts!”

My brain is starting to go haywire under the hot weather.

I pulled the straw hat onto my head tightly once again as I walked along the road while trying to polish my ideas for a new game in my head.

I ended up not coming up with a single idea before I arrived at the store.

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I was greeted by the lazy cashier and a wave of freezing wind coming from the AC unit as I walked into the store.

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I turned right after a couple steps before I cheered myself up and dashed to the magazine area. The reason I’m acting like this is that this store doesn’t have that many Fami magazines in stock, sometimes it’s sold out even on the release day. There’s no way I can withstand the heat while walking to a far-away convenience store.

So, I observed the magazine shelf intensely and found the Fami book mixed between others. I reached my hand toward it.

But then, suddenly…

Someone tried to reach for the Fami as well, his hand overlapped with mine.

My white and pale hand is cover with his (which is just as white and pale).

“…Eh, Chiaki...?”

“K…Keita…why are you here…?”

The rival who looked at me nervously, Keita Amano, is standing right in front of me.


Both of us are ultra introverts with practically no social skills, so none of us know what to do besides staring at each other silently as if the time has stopped.