Do I pay online online?

Do I pay online online?

「What a dreadful bloodlust!?」

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「So the rumours appear to be true!」

「Causing dismay to Tenshi-sama… This insolence cannot be forgiven!」

「Pay for your sins with death!」

They gripped their soul dress tightly, and rushed at me with tremendous speed. Most likely Senior Holy Knights appointed by the government – elites who were entrusted with the escort of Tenshi-sama.

I haven’t completely escaped Tenshi-sama’s〈Love Slave〉yet.

Swaying vision.

Hazy consciousness.

Disadvantaged position of lying on my back.

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To put it bluntly, I couldn’t be in a worse situation.

Still, when I desperately raised my upper body,

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A total of four sharp slashes were unleashed from all sides.

(Evasion is… impossible! I can’t defend in time, either… If that’s the case, the dark robe!)

When I tried to clad myself in darkness, Dark Shadow activated on its own.