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Basically, it’s already hard for onee-chan, Tendou-senpai, and Amano-senpai to talk to each other. Even if it’s possible, they can’t lead the discussion, and Tendou-senpai would leave before they can even start discussing it…The pattern occurred a few times in this week alone.

If that’s the case, why don’t you two just text or call her? Although I thought about that, it seems that they think it’s not sincere enough…These people are surely a pain.

Anyway, that’s why onee-chan still can’t get over this little bit right now…

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“Senpai, don’t you think this feels a bit weird?”

“Eh? What do you mean by weird?”

After school, a Wednesday in the second week of November. I managed to squeeze out a little time by quickly finishing everything in the student council. Currently, I’m sitting with Amano-senpai at the lunch area of the convenience store.

On the plain table, there’s a bottle of black coffee in front of me, which feels a bit manly. As for Amano-senpai, he got himself a carton of lemon tea with a long straw.

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Senpai is sipping his lemon tea with a peaceful expression as if he’s a herbivore. I can’t help but smile upon seeing that look, but then I realized today’s not the time to enjoy it. So, I calmed down and asked him again.

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“Uh, I mean the “difficulty” of striking up a conversation. Is it normal for that to happen?”

“There’s nothing about normal or not, …it really happened…”

Amano-senpai looks like he still doesn’t understand what I’m suspecting.

I deeply sighed and decided to be straightforward.