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It could be said to be an appropriate role for Sudou. Because they know him to be aggressive, the other students won't carelessly draw near either.

"You get it? The brilliance of this Operation Delta".

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"B-But you know, Kanji. This is a crime should I put it it's like the weight of the sin is heavier than the peeping.......".

"Indeed this is a crime. Strictly speaking. But you guys look back on your past. You should have committed a similar crime, you know?".

"Ahh? What's that supposed to mean? I've never committed a crime?".

"Then I'll ask you this, Ken. If you use violence to hurt a person, that's a crime, right? If an adult punches someone out, it'll be on the television news, right? You're using violence".

"That's.....fighting and violence are different, right?".

"Unfortunately, I've never once used violence".

"Then Haruki, back during elementary school, didn't you lick the flute of the girl you liked or sniffed your gym clothes? You absolutely didn't do that sort of thing?".

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I don't know if that hit the mark or not, but Yamauchi seems to recall something like that.

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"If an adult does the same thing? That's a crime!".


"In other words, both peeping and filming it, as long as you're still underage it'll be forgiven. If we don't do it now when will we do it!".

That enthusiasm, without a doubt, struck the hearts of Yamauchi and Sudou. It seems he had enough determination to make those two, who had been feeling guilt over the criminal act, harden their resolve too.