Is it true that WeChat is real?

Is it true that WeChat is real?

He had come over once before already. However, upon seeing Lin Wan working on the game seriously, he decided that it was inappropriate to interrupt her. Hence, he waited for the war to end before coming over once more.

“Director Lin, I want to discuss with you about advertising. We’re still more than a month away from publishing the game, but I think it’s time to prepare for advertising.”

According to their past research and development experience, Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin both felt that it was time to come up with a marketing plan.

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Lin Wan paused. “Huh? That early?”

Based on her recollection, the effects of Tengda Games’ advertising would only be seen after the game had been published. Then, their games would become popular almost immediately.

Lin Wan thought that was normal in the industry.

Yet, on second thought, it might be that she had been clueless.

It was obvious that Boss Pei planned for Game Designer’s performance-art-style advertising in advance. The advertising only took effect a while after the game had been published, but the work must have been done earlier.

At that thought, Lin Wan nodded. “Alright. Based on your experience, how do you think we should do it?”

Ye Zhizhou pondered for a moment and said, “According to our experience, the best way of advertising would be to buy advertising space on webpages and video websites. People would just have to click on the ads, and the game window would pop up…”

Lin Wan instinctively frowned.

That’s too low-class.