i need money now for free

i need money now for free

The popularity of ICL was fake? Spending a lot of money to buy the broadcasting rights would definitely incur losses?

That was exactly what he wanted!

Pei Qian needed projects that had fake popularity and would definitely incur losses!

What’s more, IOI was GOG’s direct competitor. Spending a lot of money to buy ICL’s broadcasting rights was equivalent to sponsoring the enemy. It was in line with Pei Qian’s expectations of supporting IOI and suppressing GOG.

Bunny Tail’s live-stream was located on knowledge-based live-streaming platforms. At the moment, the content was mainly live-streamed by young scholars and lecturers. It was not compatible with ICL’s live-stream.

All in all, buying the broadcasting rights of ICL could burn money, finance the enemy, and cause a certain negative effect on Bunny Tail live-stream. It was perfect!

In fact, if they were more daring, they could buy the exclusive broadcast rights without buying the broadcast rights.

An exclusive live-stream!

That way, he would definitely spend more money.

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The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more he felt that it was appropriate. He immediately decided to go to Bunny Tail live-stream and meet Old Ma and Chen Yufeng to settle this matter.

Half an hour later, Pei Qian arrived at Bunny Tail Live-stream’s office.

After this period of development, the number of employees in Bunny Tail Live-Stream had increased significantly. Everyone was working anxiously.

After all, Bunny Tail Live-Stream had just been released not long ago. It was still in its development phase. There were a lot of new functions that needed to be developed and a lot of daily affairs to be dealt with.

Many people were staring at the screen, busy with their own work. They did not even notice Boss Pei walking past them quietly.

Pei Qian felt very worried seeing the working atmosphere of Bunny Tail Live-Stream, but he could do nothing about it.

Even though Bunny Tail Live-Stream was still burning money and not making any money up until now, Pei Qian still felt that there were hidden dangers when he saw how motivated these employees were.

However, he did not have a good solution. This was the chronic disease of the entire Tengda Corporation. It could not be cured overnight.

He could only hope that Old Ma, as the leader, would be of some use!

Pei Qian found Ma Yang and Chen Yufeng and called them into the conference room.