withdrawing money from rrsp

withdrawing money from rrsp

That’s right, Gamers Club. Today… Tendo-san would be inviting me into the Club…

What an exciting day. To think I would see such a day in my high school life.

But… There’s something that I felt uneasy about…

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Could it be… That was just a dream…?

I didn’t feel that way yesterday, but my confidence dwindled after a single night. Being the type whose dreams felt really realistic also helped to grow my unease.

...N-No way, that was definitely not a dream. Yes, it was real, no doubt about it… I-I just need to play my game and wait for school to end, yup!

I focused on the screen of my phone, forcefully wiping away the unease in my heart.

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For me, games were a safe haven, and also my mental stabilizing injection. I liked to empty my mind, play task oriented games, and immerse myself in the world of RPG as well. Because no matter what I was playing, I could forget everything about reality, and cleanse my soul completely.

Right now, I was playing one of the many games on the market that was a clone of Puzzle & Dragons.

<TL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puzzle_%!_(MISSING)Dragons>

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The players had to use the energy that recover over time to adventure, and battle by playing mini games. They could also use the rewards from battles or the bonus from logging in daily to play gacha to collect comrades, power-up and synthesize new items.

I usually couldn’t play pay-to-win Social Network Games for long, but this one had a lot of action elements in its battle, which I liked a lot. And so, with a miniscule spending in the range of hundreds of yen, I had been fiddling with this game for half a year.

I completed a mission today as usual, and found a ‘help request notification when I returned to the home screen.